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SMS integration to my business

Different business but shared questions

So many questions where TextingHouse SMS Pro solution can bring you an answer.

Develop ?

  • Searching for increasing your customers loyalty ?
  • Develop your business communication ?
  • Handle an SMS campaign ?
  • Confirm, make appointment reminders?

Customers loyalty ?

  • Promote a product, a new thing ?
  • Inviting customers for sales ? Private sales ?
  • Development of sponsoring  ?
  • Update your customers about their order status ?

Dynamize ?

  • Launching game contests events ?
  • Integrate SMS pro media with customer management apps. ?
  • Event planning ?
  • Delivery package notification or updates ?

Crisis communication management ?

  • Sending alerts, key informations ?
  • Warn peoples in case of delay, update ?
  • Real time communication ?
  • Inform your members ?

With SMS campaigns, TextingHouse helped us developing our business, we have increased our customers loyalty while improving our company communication with targeted SMS like appointment reminders.

Samuel S.

Marketing manager

TextingHouse for professionals


  • You are using CRM or ERP business software’s, you want to integrate SMS to communicate with your customers in order to develop a close relationship that will help you both operationally and commercially.


  • You want to boost your web site traffic, communicate about your new products, improve your loyalty rate. Send SMS pro campaigns easily with our Texting House extension.

Local authority, town hall, department, region, public service delegation

  • Set up a communication policy towards its citizens reinforces the quality of public service of proximity.

Health professionals, pharmacies, ambulances, veterinarians

  • You want to improve patient services, reduce delays or missed appointments. The SMS Pro TextingHouse extension allows you to target each patient and respect privacy. You can also reduce up to 75% of missed appointments.

Associations, owner

  • You want to animate, alert members, tenants about information you manage on a daily basis.

Logisticians freight platform, freight forwarders, transporters, paramedics

  • Send live information to your customers, make it easier for your teams in the field. Find out the communication methods applied to your business.


  • Discover the many opportunities to develop and retain your clients through SMS campaigns.
  • Use SMS pro for your communications to future customers.

Pubs, Hostels, Restaurants

  • A diner with a concert ? A happy hour, an exhibition, a theme party? Create a community of loyal customers who will follow your news and will invite friends.

Car industry, garage owner, car dealer, car rental

  • Be the closest to your customers, on each vehicle servicing, new vehicle promotions, free trials, find the sms communication trends in your industry.

Marketing manager

  • Integrate SMS pro communication with your broadcast tools for your advertising campaigns and events. Attract people around your communication concepts.

Benefits of TextingHouse SMS Pro Extension

ClickMe2Text functionality of TextingHouse



TextingHouse finds mobile numbers on your web pages

Whatever the page, or the web application


The TextingHouse icon is displayed in front of each phone number found


Click and send your SMS !

TextingHouse is compatible with any application or web page


Send sms pro via your browser extension - TextingHouse

SMS mass mailing tools with all the advanced options like :

  • sms mailing,
  • reporting,
  • SMS sender id and company name customisation,
  • SMS templates,
  • scheduled SMS …

SMS integration in your business web apps without coding

You have web app and use your browser to access them? (SAS intranet extranet) You want to send SMS from these applications? Install TextingHouse extension in your browser and click to send.