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Senderd id customization

The trade name precedes any message to easily identify the sender.

The sender id of the SMS can also be customized. The sender id is the sender’s name that appears on the mobile phones.

Browser integration

Thanks to the Clickme2textfeature, in front of any number found on your web pages, a simple click on the icon allows you to send an SMS.

SMS integration to all your web applications is directly available without configuration.

Live or scheduled SMS

SMS are sent directly to recipients but can also be scheduled to a later date and time. for a better impact or respect the privacy hours.

This allows you to have a better impact and respect the hours of privacy.

Import contacts files

You can safely and easily import your contacts and the fields you need from Excel™, csv or ods files.

Then you could easily filter, select and text these contacts and use your fileds in your messages..

Full tracking of your campaigns and statistics

Your SMS communication history is always available and up-to-date.

For each SMS sent and for each of your recipients, you will know its status: sent, delivered, undelivered.

You can export this SMS tracking report.

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Phone numbers detection by TextingHouse

ClickMe2Text functionality of TextingHouse

TextingHouse finds mobile numbers on your web pages

Whatever the page, or the web application

The TextingHouse icon is displayed in front of each phone number found

Click and send your SMS!

TextingHouse is compatible with any application or web page