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The development of the internet and the notion of service have largely contributed to the evolution of this sector. But beyond the influence of the web, consumers in this sector of activity like novelty, originality. Listening to the needs of their clientele, the actors followed the movement and the majority of them have a website and use social networks in order to highlight their activity.


Development is essential but is no longer enough as the offer is high in major cities and tourist destinations. Feedback and customer reviews show that the need is changing and that the web marketing tools must serve the proximity and the loyalty around the change and the innovations that you offer.

That is why it is important to communicate on these last points. Highlight:

  • Your originality,
  • Launching of a new menu,
  • Your party themes,
  • Artists visiting your establishment …

For events

Your customers will be sensitive to your desire to always surprise them.

Communicate on each of your events with the TextingHouse professional SMS solution. TextingHouse will enable you to set up a highly targeted, inexpensive communication that will improve the image of dynamism and proximity you want to give your institution.

Text messaging communication is ideal to get closer to your customers, but how can you do it ? To increase your chances of success, to fill your bar, restaurant, theater, showroom, … and build a strong customer network, why not sending a satisfaction survey link by sms ?

  • Set up an online reservation system that will help you managing a resupplying provisional planning,
  • Offer a drink or a coffee to those who subscribe to your mailing list,
  • Easily confirm your booking with the “Clickme2text” feature …

So many opportunities to communicate, so many original ideas to surprise your customers !

Your first SMS in less than 3 minutes!
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“We are having concerts and themed event like world cooking each week, I schedule at the beginning of every month my text message for each week with a link to my web site and a link for online booking. Since I have been using the TextingHouse marketing sms solution, my restaurant is full every Friday”

Linda V .

Theme restaurant manager

Some SMS examples:

“Hi, Come tonight at our theme party starting at 10pm. Theme is : “Vintage Hollywood”, be creative! Show this SMS to get a 30% discount. Le DiscoBar”

“Hello, Join us tonight to show our new Big Bang show (minimum aged 10) at the quay theatre. 17£ per adults, 10 £ per children. SudburTheatre”

“Hello Mr Smith, You are invited to discover our new flavours as we have update our menu.
Get 10% off on your meal by showing us this SMS (offer valid until the end of the month).
Mangebien Restaurant”