Advertising by SMS

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Oh yes ! It really is the publicity SMS reading rate !

Publicity SMS, like standard SMS, enjoy an extremely high opening rate, estimated at around 95%. That is far more than traditional e-mailing or paper adverts. By using an SMS service such as ours, you will be sure that your advertising SMS will be open and read by almost all of your target.

Economical : €0.05 each SMS !

An advertising campaign by SMS is much more economical than a traditional paper or e-mail campaign. Not only cheaper, it’s time-saving : SMS campaigns are easier and quicker to make than flyers or advertising e-mails.

Efficacy and swiftness ! 6min : it’s the average reading time.

Another advantage in favour of advertising by SMS : it’s quick ! Indeed SMS are open and read between a few seconds and 10 minutes after sending. Your SMS campaign has an immediate effect !

3 pieces of advice to succeed in doing your advertising SMS campaign.


1. An eye-catching, clear and concise text :

  • Eye-catching : 2 to 4 words must highlight the main part of your message. Put these words in capital letters; some people only skim their SMS. Example : « buy one PIZZA  = get a FREE drink »
  • Clear : Choose your words carefully and keep in mind that your message must answer the basic questions of : WHO ?, WHAT ?, WHEN ?, WHERE ?, HOW ?
  • Concise : Get to the point, people only spend on average 2 or 3 seconds reading commercial SMS. Try to be limited to only one idea (or action) by message and say only the important thing, not the unnecessary ones !

2. Be easily identifiable :

You are so focused on your offer or your promotion to come that you forget to sign your message, and all your advertising SMS campaign falls through ! Don’t laugh, that actually happens !

Here is how you can be clearly identifiable :

  • Customize the sender name of your SMS, it is more professional, and allows the recipient to instantly identify you. You can configure this in our professional SMS platform TextingHouse by clicking ‘SMS heading and sender ID’ (see here the main features of TextingHouse)
  • Sign your message. Indeed, outside of Metropolitan France, the sender name (senderid or oadc) may not be guaranteed according to countries and telephone operators. So we recommend you to also include your signature inside the body of your advertising text message !

3. Be relevant :

  • Give the impression that your message deals with urgent matter, or circulates last-minute information.
  • Choose the most effective delivering hours : the lunch break or the end of the afternoon for example, the recipients will be more relaxed and receptive than than on waking or during a meeting ! (TextingHouse allows you to schedule sendings of advertising SMS campaigns)

Advantages and goals of advertising SMS campaigns :

  • Retain your customers, offer special advantages and promotions to clients that use your loyalty card for example.
  • Promote an offer or a sale and gain new customers.
  • Develop your branding.
  • Build and maintain a connection with your customers (be careful to not overuse this link, control your sendings rate according to your working field and your clientele).

Compliance with regulations

Mobile marketing must comply with regulations (imposed in France by the CNIL). The main points to respect are the following:

  • Obtaining the Opt’in of your recipients : this means that you should not broadcast your messages in character commercial only to recipients who have given you their prior agreement.
  • Respect for timetables : no commercial SMS should be sent between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m. on Sundays or holidays. In addition to not complying with the rules of the CNIL, this is often counterproductive because it is not well received by the recipients.
  • Provide a method of unsubscribing : this is the famous mention “STOP”! It is to be added at the end of the SMS in order to allow recipients to be able to oppose the reception of future commercial SMS from you. TextingHouse helps you and allows you to add this mention automatically at the end of the SMS.

Find more information on this subject in our FAQ section” Laws, regulations and ethics “.

Also available for: TextingHouse for Chrome TextingHouse for Firefox TextingHouse for Opera TextingHouse for Edge Chromium