SMS API Service Provider

Please contact us to get the API you need.

Do you need an HTTP SMS API easy to incorporate which enables you to send SMS from your ERP, DMS, website or any other software package?

You are a software publisher or programmer and wish to integrate SMS to your software in order to send SMS automatically from your apps ?

TextingHouse provides you with various API : HTTP, XML, FTP, SMPP, ….

SMS API Service Provider

How much is it?

API access is free, you only pay for the SMS. You can check our prices for standard volume here : pricing. If you are an aggregator or a software publisher with a more regular traffic and higher volume, please contact us for more attractive prices.

Why would you incorporate SMS messages to your software ?

Sending SMS directly from your software helps improving your clients’ customer relation they offer. Providing a great experience to the actual customers is now a necessity for any software suite.
As such, text messages is an addition to other communication tools such as email, without replacing them. While SMS is known to be concise, immediate and have an opening rate of above 95%, it is only adapted to short messages. We recommend keeping the use of SMS for messages from 160 to 300 characters maximum.

Quick reminder, SMS messages cannot exceed 160 characters. However, you can send longer messages, the TextingHouse API will handle them. Long messages will be processed through cutting, concatenate sendings and will be pieced together again in the phone of the recipient before its display. The receiver will see your original message in its entirety appear on his phone.


You are an aggregator and wish to enjoy the quality of our network and our best prices for sending SMS. We can provide you, in addition to the HTTPs API, other connections for high volume sendings (XML, SMPP, …), or even build custom-made connections.

The quickest integration : HTTP API

Our easiest API to build is the HTTPs API which allows you to send SMS messages using a simple query (GET or POST to its users) including various parameters such as:

  • your identification information
  • the phone number of the recipient
  • the content of the message
  • and if you want the senderid of the SMS

Your messages are instantly sent. You can also receive notifications and delivery reports (PUSH DLR) at the URL of your choice, but also answers to your SMS, according to your destination (PUSH MO).