SMS API Service Provider

Integrate SMS to your software with the HTTP API

Do you need an HTTP SMS API easy to incorporate which enables you to send SMS from your ERP, DMS, website or any other software package?

You are a software publisher or programmer and wish to integrate SMS to your software in order to send SMS automatically from your apps ?

Check out the TextingHouse HTTP API!

TextingHouse API

All TextingHouse features are available with API

Easy to use

The API is easy to implement for any language and via any platform. Follow our documentation to set it up.

Get SMS answers

Receive replies to your SMS directly on a configurable URL of your choice.

(* Answers available depending on the sending country)

Get SMS delivery receipt

SMS delivery receipt is available at any time and updated live. For each SMS sent, you can receive updates over time via a URL of your choice or request the API on the status of a particular SMS.

Free tests

Sending to number 999 allows you to test the entire sending chain, including your developments, free of charge. You can also unlock 10 real SMS to validate your integration.

STOP response

TextingHouse offers several automatic unsubscribe methods. You can choose to use a link or a number so that the recipient of the SMS can unsubscribe from your communications.

Senderd id customization

The trade name precedes any message to easily identify the sender. The sender id of the SMS can also be customized.

How much does it cost?

Access to the API is free, you only pay for SMS.

Are you an aggregator?

You are an aggregator or a software publisher with a more regular traffic and higher volume?

You wish to enjoy the quality of our network and our best prices for sending SMS. We can provide you, in addition to the HTTPs API, other connections for high volume sendings (XML, SMPP, …), or even build custom-made connections.

Do not hesitate to contact us to benefit from more advantageous rates.

Do you have a specific API need?

We study all your requests if you have a particular need, contact us!