SMS messaging services for opticians and hearing aid specialists

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The optics and hearing sector have been experiencing changes in their market for several years: aging of the population, technological innovations, etc.
At the same time, the creation and development of new brands or partnerships (like Carrefour, which is allied with Atol for optics and hearing), the increase in the number of stores and especially internet sales which develops make the market more and more competitive.

Optical stores and hearing specialists must therefore retain their customers over the long term and increase their turnover.

SMS is undeniably the most profitable communication channel with a read rate of 98% and it combines simplicity and efficiency.

It is a multi-purpose tool, ideal for professionals who need to carry out broad and diverse communication.

What uses to do with it?

Inform your customers of the progress of their orders and notify them upon receipt.

Remind appointments to avoid forgetting and save time.

Improve the customer journey with better logistics.

Communicate about your exceptional offers and promotions.

How to set up the sending of SMS PRO?

If you have business software in-house you can choose API integration of sending SMS directly into your software! Our SMS API allows you to autonomously manage your SMS sending.

You can also choose to go through our SMS platform to send your campaigns! Our team is here to help you set up your SMS sending project.

Your first SMS in less than 3 minutes!
10 free SMS
We use TextingHouse in our optical chain store for customer follow-up. We send a cost estimate in a first SMS, then a second one when the glasses are ready. This platform is convenient,  as we use customized SMS templates to make sure communicate accurate information from any of our stores.
Jeanne L.

Optician, Store Manager

Few SMS examples:

“Hello Mélanie,
Enjoy 20% cashback on presentation of this SMS! Offer valid until August 31. Have a nice week.”

“Dear Mr. Blin,
Your mount has arrived in store. Remember to bring your card. See you soon.
The OptiqueCenter Team”

“Hello Mrs. Guérin,
You are one of our most loyal customers and to thank you we invite you to our private sale
September 9 at 7 p.m. Cocktail & Exclusive promotions up to 50% will be available! See you soon”