TextingHouse setup guide for Zapier

Note: Before installing TextingHouse for Zapier, you must have created a Zapier account.
TextingHouse SMS connection to Zapier
Go to sign up for Zapier to create your TextingHouse account.

Fill the required fields and click on “Create an account”.



Confirm your email address by clicking on the button of the received email.
TextingHouse SMS connection to Zapier
Log into TextingHouse for Zapier with your previously created credentials.
Once logged into TextingHouse, go to Options page > API login to see your api credidentials.
Page showing credentials for TextingHouse with Zapier
TextingHouse SMS Pro Authorization Page with Zapier
The TextingHouse credidentials from page ‘Options > API login’ will be used to connect TextingHouse account avec Zapier:

  •  Username: enter TextingHouse parameter ‘user’ (often identical to your email address)
  • Password: enter TextingHouse parameter ‘pass’
Perfect! You can now send SMS with Zapier.

To buy SMS credits, go to the buy credits page.
To buy SMS credits, go on Buy TextingHouse credits.