SMS solutions for civil services, local authorities, city halls

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How to stay close to your local community ?

Many surveys show that quality civil services rely on clear, quick and modern communication with the local community. With the TextingHouse SMS solution, inform your town or region residents on various topics.
Send them :

  • practical information
  • Weather forecast alerts
  • Traffic modifications
  • Temporary roadworks
  • Sport and cultural events
  • Administrative procedures, fees …

Quick appointment reminder with "Clickme2text"

A revolutionary feature for public services

You are working in public utility? With this feature, don’t lose anymore time in scanning your phone book to call back your meetings. The organisation of your reception will be improved and simplified. You will optimize your diary management and reduce the missed appointment rate up to 75%. With this unique feature, you can directly send SMS in one simple click  on the phone numbers that appear on your web pages, via your patient software. A small icon sets up besides the number… I click… I text.

Your patient receives an SMS alert that reminds him of his appointment at your office at the mentioned date.

The advantages of appointment reminder with Clickme2text :

The text message is the most effective reminder. 95% of the time people will open and read their texts, especially if you schedule them to be send at strategic hours like in the beginning of the evening before their appointment. You can use the Clickme2text function of the TextingHouse SMS solution to send text messages.

Note : If you do not find this function, you can activate it in our browser extension menu bar. You can also go tour FAQ page from our website or the application to get more information.

Your first SMS in less than 3 minutes!
10 free SMS
“We are using the Enterprise multi-user mode of the TextingHouse solution. Every department receives, according to their needs, a number of SMS credit for their proper functioning. This feature helps us in our finances management.

We keep our community informed on cultural events, water or electricity cuts-off, roadworks, or any other information. All thanks to text messages !

Bernard C.


Few SMS examples:

“Warning : You may experience water cuts-off on Thursday from 7 am. It will go back to normal around 8 pm. Make sure you have enough water supply.
Your city council technical department.”

“Goog morning Mr Howard
You have asked for a new dustbin for your reusable waste. A technical department agent will deliver it this Wednesday between 8 and 12 am.”

“Dear Mr Jones,
We have received your construction permit F14G85564. The Land Registry offers to see you on 06/16/2018 to complete your file.”