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Also available in Enterprise multi-user mode

TextingHouse, a professional SMS extension integrated to Internet browsers, provides employees an easy integration of SMS media into their customer communication. It brings them both an improvement to their customer relationship management and an effective support reinforcing their marketing campaigns. The TextingHouse application/extension is designed to facilitate the SMS communication of the company in complete autonomy towards:

  • Prospects,
  • Clients,
  • Partners,
  • Collaborators,

Benefiting from the following non-exhaustive advantages:

Built-in extension to your workstation's web browser

Need to text one or thousands people ? Simply click on the TextingHouse extension icon on the top right-hand corner of your web browser to open it.

Import Excel files

You can safely and easily import your contacts and the fields you need from excel, ods or CSV files and then filter, select and text these contacts.

Full tracking of your campaigns and statistics

Your SMS communication history is available and can be exported under Excel. A synthetic or detailed presentation, send again on the same contacts, a display of SMS delivery receipt offer a complete tracking of your SMS communication.


Live texting or scheduled SMS

SMS are sent directly to recipients but can also be scheduled to a later date and time for a better impact or respect the privacy hours.

Secure SMS gateway

Texting through our services is secure. TextingHouse is linked through internet SSL secure protocol to our professional SMS gateway which is connected to operators around the world, no link with your smartphone.

SMS Mailing

You can easily customize SMS content for each recipients (name, first name, customer number, amounts, address, delivery time, …) according to the columns of your excel file or your contacts extra information.


Web page phone number recognition

The numbers found on your web pages can be find on the “Numbers From Your Web Pages” tab in the “Add Recipients” section of the TextingHouse application. You can send an SMS directly to these contacts.

Enterprise mode

A single company account with a global SMS credit can be shared among several employees. The payment is centralized by the designated administrator(s) who may also set consumption quotas for employees, …

You can turn any user account into an enterprise account anytime and for free.


Bulk SMS sending

Send an SMS to many recipients in just a few clicks.

Easy selection of recipients

SMS on multiple specific business criteria like opt-in, region, sector, group, activity, …


TextingHouse inserts its icon in front of any number found on the user’s web pages, just click on that icon to text this number. Adding the TextingHouse extension to your browser will automatically integrate SMS media to all your Web applications no development needed.


Senderd id or company name customization

The trade name precedes any message to easily identify the sender. The sender id of the SMS can also be customized*. (*country regulation and restriction can apply).