SMS Marketing campaigns

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SMS pro « must-have » for agencies

SMS marketing is one of the most effective tool in B to C nowadays. The SMS pro is also used as part of a multimedia prospecting plan.

The sms is cheap and is a good cross marketing support. Interest for SMS marketing is growing fast and is becoming THE way commercial messages are sent, much more than other media, such as mailing, direct marketing, or direct paper marketing. Lastly, the average opening time of a promotion e-mail is 15 hours, whereas for the SMS it is about 3 minutes. In addition, a smartphone is accessed about 150 times a day! So many arguments to take into consideration for your company communication.

The excellent opening rates are pushing professionals in the sector to use it to redirect people from text message to:

  • video content on the web,
  • social networks,
  • links,
  • sms 2.0 referring to dedicated mobile designed web sites,
  • events …

Integrate our web extension in your communication tools and process

But the sms pro as link support is not the only use that you can have. Indeed, beyond the mass sending and personalization features that TextingHouse sms pro solution offer, communicating through this media leads to positive externalities for your image that will be linked to modernity and customer proximity. Naturally integrate our web extension to your communication tools.

Offer to your agency’s clients an efficient communication plan.

Prepare a text messaging campaign in a few clicks:

  • complete,
  • customized,
  • with high opening rates,
  • with scheduled SMS campaign,
  • handle stop SMS,
  • allowing customization of the sender of the SMS (sender id / OADC) and business names,
  • and much more …

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Your first SMS in less than 3 minutes!
10 free SMS
“Our agency is specialized in “happening marketing” manifestations. When we create an event, we use all our available means of communication : mailing, blog article, phoning … We create a mini event around a client’s brand and use the sms with TextingHouse to give the place of the gathering. We film the event and put it online on our social networks on which we are inviting people to leave contact information to receive sms of future events. A real success!”
Tom D.

Communication agency manager

Few SMS examples:

“PLANET SPORT GREAT GAME 100% FREE to win 2 places for the final of WINGLEBON

Send TENNIS to 78 123

“Great deals week at bigstuff.con. Enter “PROMO” coupon-code in your e-cart to get 15% discount until 18/08/2018.

bigstuff.con teams”

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