Send SMS with HubSpot and TextingHouse

Send your SMS directly with your HubSpot CRM

Live chat by SMS with your contacts and receive replies

For each contact, an SMS card is added.

You just have to type your message and click on “Send SMS”!

Automate your SMS sending by integrating them into your workflows

A new action « Send SMS » is added for contact-based workflows.

You can personalize the message with any contact token (last name, first name, etc.).

Program your SMS campaigns with your contacts lists

Use “Center on a date” workflows to send SMS on your contacts lists.

You can also choose to send to all your contacts with a mobile phone number. See the user guide for more details.

Find the SMS sent and the responses received on the contact timeline

Whatever the way used to send the SMS (via the contact card, via a workflow …), find all the SMS on the contacts timeline.

You will also have the SMS details: sending date, SMS acknowledgment, the cost of the SMS…