SMS solution for Clubs, associations, professional organizations

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Voluntary activities

With the TextingHouse SMS solution, associations can easily communicate with their members. You are planning a fundraising initiative ? A meeting ? An event like a dinner or a lottery ? Send your members SMS to invite them to spread the word around.
That’s how you get new members in volunteer work, and improve and develop associations. You can also set up a SMS sponsorship system, where you send bulk SMS including links towards subscription pages for your club or association.

Professional organizations

Communicating with TextingHouse is a strategic way to connect with adherents, to circulate key information  or to recruit future members ! Improve recruitment with this innovative communicating platform.

Organize a quick business meeting in your region where people from a professional sector gather, exchange thoughts and collaborate.

Use the TextingHouse professional SMS solution to quickly communicate in case of a crisis, before rallies or meetings.

Hold conferences, meetings on what your adherents need in their specific professional sector. Set up a planning, schedule beforehand your SMS sendings to enhance your association cohesion.

In addition to your programmed sendings, build a precise phone number file to optimize the use of the personalized SMS features included in the TextingHouse SMS solution. Your SMS will be adapted to your members, with their name or their title, which will show your respect and esteem.

Your first SMS in less than 3 minutes!
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“I throw picnics with my aid organization. We use these days to make fun parties and exchange about our humanitarian work. We send the registration form and the activities planning by SMS via TextingHouse. Members and supporters bring their friends along they end up joining us too.”
Géraldine P.

Voluntary committee member

Few SMS templates:

“Reminder : Dear adherent, our general meeting will take place on 09/18/2018. Register at”

“Come to our gala dinner next month in favour of our humanitarian association.”

“Dead adherent,
SRPROFR invites you to its meeting on 12/06/2018. Come and present your company and services.”