Send SMS to parents with children of school age


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Send school SMS to parents

Our application will help you circulate information to parents in real time using the immediacy of text message.

This is a very useful tool for schools. Elementary, middle, high school, or other institutes, you all need sometimes to send SMS alerts in case of strikes, exceptional closings, parent-teacher meetings, fees due reminder, opening of a new course …  There is always a need to send school texts, and many are already using our School SMS solution.

“A time-saving trick that improve the parent-school relationship. Parents like to be informed on the school events. We obviously warn the parents of the absences, but not only that…
An user-friendly tool that integrates our school life software and makes our life easier!”
Cécile P.

Chief education adviser

Few School SMS templates:

“Dear parent,
French school books have changed, please check our website before purchasing it.
Tranquility School.”

“Good morning,
Your child William BRODY was absent today without prior warning Please contact us at .
Union School.”

“Dear parent,
your ward can come and collect his high-school diploma at the administration office.
Littlewood Academy.”