SMS messaging extension for Logistics and transport companies

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A quick and reliable communications strategy!

A simple, quick and reliable communication tool is a must-have for companies to stay relevant and competitive, especially in the logistics or transportation sector.

User-friendliness, or natural integration..

No need to invest time, money and effort to integrate the TextingHouse SMS solution into your software. You will be able to send text messages in one click, directly from your application.

« Clickme2text » : An innovative functionality.

Clickme2text is an user-friendly and intuitive feature. You can contact a specific client directly from your client management tool. The TextingHouse professional SMS solution is a browser extension. Text messages are naturally integrated into your professional application. Your client’s phone number is now clickable thanks to TextingHouse : One click and you can send your client a text message.

You need to quickly reach a driver to inform him of a planning modification or a cancelled delivery ? One click on his phone number on your web page and you can send your SMS.

Note : If you do not find this function, you can activate it in our browser extension menu bar. You can also go tour FAQ page from our website or the application to get more information.

SMS and logistics

Reasons to use TextingHouse professional sms solution :

  • Its natural integration to your software, CRM or ERP
  • Your internal information for your drivers or other staging/shipping areas
  • Rounds planning
  • Delivery notices
  • Delivery confirmations to customers or drop off points
  • Delivery delay notices
  • Notification to passengers …

Learn about the features and advantages of our TextingHouse extension

The requirement of the customers must be respected if we want to claim a quality service.

Our professional SMS solution is adapted to your needs and have unique features that facilitate the natural integration of SMS to your software and applications.

Your first SMS in less than 3 minutes!
10 free SMS

Our logistics centre delivers 200 packages a day to our clients, and 150 others commute between our 10 parcel drop off points. We send programmed text messages via TextingHouse during each step of our process, from order confirmation, dispatch, customs clearance to the delivery to the client. We have managed to reduce by 50% the stockage amount since we started sending confirmation SMS to our clients.

Aaron R.

Logistics centre manager

“Dear Anthony,
Your package ENBOX78982 EXFR is clear of customs duties, he will be delivered before 5 pm today.”

your order SUISAX8333 is ready, you can collect it at the drop off point chosen during the booking.”

“Mr Daniel,
We confirm the payment and the shipping of your order. Follow your package’s transport with your order number 987CREX74 on our tracking site :