Send SMS from any web page thanks to the ClickMe2Text feature with no development needed.

Clickme2text : Small clickable icons to send SMS

Clickme2text :

Scans web pages and inserts small clickable icons next to each recognized number. Just click the icon to send a text message to this recipient.

Download our extension for free and get 10 free SMS.

Clickme2text : Writing and sending texts

Click, write, send : ClickMe2Text is a TextingHouse features that allows you, without any development, to send SMS to any number on your web page : a customer file from your CRM, a bill from your ERP, a manufacturing order from your production management, an incident note or a delivery receipt …

Click on the small icon next to the number, write your message and send it.

Clickme2text : Extract phone numbers from your web pages

You can export phone numbers that are recognized on the webpages to add them in your message addressee list, for future sendings.
This function allows you to send loads of text messages to phone numbers exported from your web pages.

On the TextingHouse extension : go to the “SMS” tab, then in the “Add recipients” column, click on the small icon “Phone numbers from your internet pages”. A small box appears for each of your open web pages with recognized phone numbers.

This box tells the name of the website and the number of phone numbers that are recognized. Click on the box to show the page and the phone numbers. You can select specific numbers or all of them. The chosen numbers are now set in the “Recipients selected” area. Repeat the process for each different web page.

You can send bulk SMS to phone numbers extracted from web pages thanks to Clickme2text.