TextingHouse setup guide for HubSpot

Note: Before installing TextingHouse for HubSpot, you must have created a HubSpot account.

Créer un compte TextingHouse API pour HubSpot

Go to https://api.textinghouse.com/login?h=1 to create your TextingHouse account.

Fill the required fields and click on “Create an account”.



Confirm your email address by clicking on the button of the received email.

Log in on https://api.textinghouse.com/login?h=1&c=1 with your login details created before.

Once logged into TextingHouse, go to HubSpot page https://api.textinghouse.com/hubspot to link your TextingHouse account with HubSpot. To do this, click on the “Connect my account with HubSpot” button.

Now log into your HubSpot account and accept the necessary permissions for TextingHouse to work with HubSpot.

TextingHouse requests the following permissions:

  • User and Account Information: to be able to identify your HubSpot account and link it to your TextingHouse account
  • Create timeline events: to be able to register sent SMS on the contacts timeline
  • Read from and write to my Contacts: no information is kept by TextingHouse. This authorization is however necessary to allow you to send an SMS to a contact and to read the mobile phone number when sending the SMS.

Perfect! Your TextingHouse account is now linked with your HubSpot account.

To buy SMS credits, go on https://api.textinghouse.com/buy.

Learn more about texting with TextingHouse using HubSpot, consult the User Guide.