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Build customer loyalty

Digital communication revolutionizes the methods of prospecting for car dealers. Virtual reality, dedicated apps, social networks gradually accustom consumers to a more interactive relationship that allows them to establish a stronger link with their brands.

The challenge for manufacturers is to maintain an uninterrupted link between the first sign of interest in the brand, first contact, purchase, use, maintenance and finally the renewal of its vehicle. Between each of these steps, sms communication acts as a link guaranteeing the proximity and consideration that the brand will bear towards its customer.

As an illustration of this consumerist mutation, the development of online car sales web sites that have more and more powerful configuration tools. Especially since these tools allow to offer a multitude of customizations that will feed the production planning without compromise on the optimization of the flows.

Your industry is a consumer of professional text messaging. This SMS media is an effective way to build customer loyalty by taking every opportunity to provide information about your vehicle, the complementary services you can offer, or the great event you are doing.

The sms pro Texting House solution can help you raise awareness of your customers and/or prospects on the following events:

  • Open days,
  • Inform peoples about outdoor sale events such as supermarkets or car parks,
  • Vehicle destocking operations,
  • Promoting new vehicles,
  • Car service / maintenance reminders,
  • Vehicle ready alert,
  • Payment reminder,
  • Send estimate for post diagnosis intervention …

Conquering prospects

Their SMS campaigns are linked to telephone surveys and email campaigns to establish a first contact. It is then easy for them to track the statistics of their actions by updating the client files much more than by using a direct marketing campaign.

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Thanks to SMS marketing, TextingHouse has allowed us to increase our sales by 15% simply by sending invitations by SMS to our open days, sales, special events. We have increased customer satisfaction on the maintenance side by systematically sending an SMS indicating the price of repairs after diagnosis and before the intervention. No surprise when customers come to pick-up their vehicle.

Aussi nous utilisons le SMS à titre commercial (journées portes ouvertes, opérations spéciales) ce qui nous a permis d’augmenter sensiblement nos ventes. »

Sébastien D.

Sales manager

Some SMS examples :

Hi Mr Smith,

Book your road-testing and discover the new technologies included in our car on http://carauto.car/new



This is an appointment reminder for your car maintenance scheduled for tomorrow at 09:00am.

Any questions please call 555-555-555
Super Car.”

“Dear Mr Khan,

Your car service for the vehicle registered AB 123 CD is done. Total amount 227,90€. You can come and get your car back before 5PM.