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Send a professional SMS : create your SMS campaign step by step

Send a professional SMS… So many things to do… Start your first campaign, a real sinecure ! You have already chosen your means of communication and are ready to click “SEND” ? … Not so fast !… Are you sure to have planned everything ? Let us give you a small hand with this quick SMS campaign guide. This blog article is like Checklist, “Send professional SMS”, go over your campaign with a fine-tooth comb.

While we are about it, if you have not already chosen your SMS platform, we recommend trying ours. The TextingHouse professional SMS platform is easy to use, no need to configure anything, it is ready to use. Why would you pay a lot of money ? Our option is subscription free, without obligation ! You only pay for the SMS you send. Our prices start at €0,05 / SMS.

Warm up your winter sales with TextingHouse

Go against convention, break the habit and turn the next winter sales into a true commercial success. Surprise your customers by sending them SMS invitations to your coming winter sales. You will find here pieces of advice to make a success of your sales SMS campaign.

Build your professional SMS customer file

Take an active part in your communication ! Build your own professional SMS customer file. « Of all deeds, the most complete one is building. » Follow the TextingHouse advice.

To succeed in doing communication campaigns, you need to have the right assets up your sleeve. We think that a professional SMS customer file is one of them. Indeed, building your own contact data base is crucial for SMS campaigns. « The right message, at the right time, to the right people ». Here are 5 essential ways of building your customer data base to turn your SMS campaigns intro a true asset that will increase your sales !!!

How to Use Your Company Name to Send Creative SMS

Using your company name to send targeted and personalized PRO SMS to your customers can be an innovative way to promote your brand. With modern SMS services, there's no need to send anonymous messages; recipients will see your company name directly on their mobile...

The Benefits of Integrating PRO SMS Sending into Your CRM

Integrating PRO SMS sending into a CRM system can bring numerous advantages for businesses. SMS communication offers a fast and effective means of reaching customers, prospects, and employees. On the other hand, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) enables...



If you are here, it's probably because you have searched TestingHouse on Google. Am I right? So if you are searching for an SMS Online service, stay here! TeStingHouse or TeXtingHouse ? Two possibilities: First: you are really searching for us and just misspelled our...