Using your company name to send targeted and personalized PRO SMS to your customers can be an innovative way to promote your brand. With modern SMS services, there’s no need to send anonymous messages; recipients will see your company name directly on their mobile phones. Discover how to use this powerful and cost-effective service with just a few characters!

How to personalize the sender name for SMS sending?

Do you want to send SMS to your customers using your company name or brand? It is possible to personalize the sender name of SMS, which can be very useful for your SMS marketing and advertising.

The benefits of personalizing the sender name in your SMS

Customizing the sender name ensures greater visibility for your message and your company. The SMS recipient will see the personalized name displayed on their SMS app, reminding them that the message originates from your company.

Moreover, the ability to use a personalized sender name also enhances the authenticity of your message and contributes to strengthening your brand image.

Characteristics of an effective sender name

For the sender name to be effective, it must meet certain criteria. It should be at least 3 characters long and not exceed 11 characters, without special characters.

Additionally, it is preferable for it to incorporate your brand so that recipients immediately identify the message sender.

Limits to observe when customizing a sender name

There are certain limits to observe when customizing a sender name for sending an SMS. Indeed, some words are prohibited by most mobile operators.

These words include all obscene or offensive expressions and anything that could be considered false or misleading. It is important to ensure compliance with these limits to avoid the risk of having your message blocked or rejected by mobile operators.

How to send SMS with your company name?

Now that you know how to choose a good sender name for sending SMS, it’s time to move on to the necessary steps to set up this service for your business.

Different solutions available for sending SMS with the sender name

Once you are familiar with the rules regarding message creation and sender name selection, it’s time to find a solution that allows you to send SMS from your company. You can use messaging services offered by most major mobile operators, or even better, choose a specialized third-party provider such as an online service or an SMS extension integrated into your internet browser.

Step-by-step to personalize the sender name on an SMS service platform

Once you have chosen the SMS service provider that best suits your needs, here are the necessary steps to personalize the sender name:

  • Sign up and create an account with the provider.
  • Access the “Settings” or “Configuration” section, then click on “Sender Name”.
  • Enter the name you want to display as the sender, following the rules mentioned earlier.
  • Validate and send your message by selecting the defined sender name.

Common mistakes to avoid when sending personalized SMS

Even though adopting a personalized sender name to send SMS messages can be very useful for your business, it is important to avoid some common mistakes:

  • Adhere to the guideline imposed by each mobile operator regarding the allowed characters for the sender name;
  • Do not overuse advertising or promotional words;
  • Use a professional and respectful tone;
  • Check all information in the message before sending it.

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