A professional SMS campaign can be an excellent way to communicate with your clients; however, the timing of messages is crucial for ensuring its success. How do you know when to send a professional SMS to ensure it is received by the clientele at the optimal time? In this article, we will provide you with practical tips to determine when you should send your professional SMS and how to make the most of its delivery.

What is the best time to send professional SMS campaigns?

Professional SMS campaigns are a highly effective way to communicate and promote offers, services, and products to a well-targeted audience. Knowing when to send promotional SMS is crucial to optimize the success of the campaign.

How to determine the ideal time based on customer knowledge and their schedule?

A good marketing strategy is essential to find the best time to send SMS to your clientele. To do this, you need to know your clientele: even if it’s general, you can segment your clients into different groups based on age, gender, location, etc.

  • Understand the habits and preferences of your clientele
  • Consider the schedule of your target audience

What are the days of the week, months of the year, and times of the day most conducive to sending professional SMS campaigns?

There are no specific days or times to avoid because each industry may have its own rules. For example, it would be reasonable to send offers and promotions towards the end of the week as there is generally less business activity during this period. However, in some sectors such as hospitality and catering, this time may be considered the most suitable for promoting their services.

Similarly, certain months may be preferred for certain businesses based on their commercial objectives. For instance, in November, many companies take advantage of Black Friday or Cyber Monday to promote their products.

Ultimately, what’s important is to try different scenarios based on your business and customer type: experiment with different days and hours to find the ones that yield the best results.

How to adjust the frequency of sending SMS campaigns based on the offer and type of clientele?

The frequency of sending SMS campaigns must be adapted based on the nature of the offers and services provided. You also don’t want customers to receive too many promotional communications, which could have a negative impact on your brand.

How to avoid disturbing customers by sending too many promotional SMS?

Choose an appropriate frequency considering the type of operation and the type of target recipient. For example, if you plan to send promotional announcements every week to a certain category of clients, you can send an email every month to inform the same category.

Additionally, it’s necessary to obtain customers’ consent before sending messages to their phones.

How to adjust the frequency based on the results of previous campaigns and business objectives?

You can measure the effectiveness of SMS campaigns by analyzing the click-through rate of links in your SMS, the response percentage, or the total number of messages sent compared to the total number of people reached. These indicators will give you a good idea of when your campaigns are most effective in achieving conversions.

Finally, take the time to analyze your results to understand what worked and what didn’t. Adjust your sending frequency accordingly and try again to find the ideal time to send your SMS campaigns.

How to choose the ideal day to send a professional SMS campaign based on the activity and target audience?

The ideal day will depend primarily on the industry concerned and the specific expectations of each target group: some days are generally more popular than others depending on the industry and culture.

Which industries have ideal days for sending SMS?

For example, restaurants can fully benefit from Thursday evenings as consumers often seek to dine out rather than plan a takeout or cook at home; therefore, this would be the ideal day to promote your meals.

Health services may opt for days like Monday and Tuesday as clients generally have free time at the beginning of the week, providing a good opportunity to communicate more with patients.

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How to segment the clientele to send personalized SMS at the right time?

Sometimes, the best time may differ based on your target audience. For example, if you’re sending special offers to an older category, it’s better to choose a day or time that suits their schedule.

Similarly, if you’re sending promotions to young adults, choose Friday as they are more likely to go out and, therefore, be available to receive messages.

Segmentation is essential to send personalized and relevant SMS campaigns to each target group.

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