Concluding a professional SMS effectively is essential to create a positive impression with your recipient. In this guide, discover the importance of a good conclusion, common mistakes to avoid, key elements of a successful conclusion, and examples of suitable phrases for different contexts.

Importance of the conclusion of a professional SMS

The end of a text message plays a crucial role in professional communication. An appropriate conclusion strengthens the relationship with your recipient, avoids misunderstandings, and affirms your professionalism. Additionally, it facilitates understanding the purpose of your message and encourages a quick and appropriate response.

Common mistakes to avoid

Too formal

Excessive formality can create a sense of distance or make the message less friendly. It’s important to find the right balance between politeness and simplicity.

Too informal

Conversely, a tone that is too casual can harm your credibility. Avoid abbreviations and informal language to maintain a professional character.

Too long

An excessively long conclusion risks drowning essential information. Prioritize conciseness to maintain the reader’s interest.

Key elements of a successful conclusion


Ensure that the purpose of your SMS is well understood by the recipient. For this, restate the main objective (appointment, confirmation, reminder, etc.) at the end of the message if necessary.


Adapt your tone and expressions of politeness based on the relationship with your interlocutor (client, colleague, superior, etc.). This demonstrates your attention and reinforces the professional bond.


Opt for short and precise sentences to facilitate reading and understanding of the message. Remember that SMS messages have a character limit.

Examples of conclusion phrases

For a client

  • “I remain at your disposal for any questions. Best regards, [your name]”
  • “Feel free to contact me if needed. Kind regards, [your name]”

For a colleague

  • “See you soon and good luck with what’s coming! [your first name]”
  • “Looking forward to discussing this in person. Talk to you later, [your first name]”

For a superior

  • “Thank you for your attention, and I wish you an excellent day. Respectfully, [your name]”
  • “Looking forward to your feedback, please accept my kind regards. [your name]”

Tips to improve your conclusions of professional SMS messages

  1. Proofread before sending the message to avoid spelling or syntax errors.
  2. Pay attention to the context: adapt your conclusion based on the topic (informational, promotional, reminder, etc.).
  3. Use emojis sparingly and only if it aligns with the company culture or the relationship with the recipient.
  4. Consider the time zone and holidays to avoid disturbing your interlocutor at an inconvenient time.
  5. Don’t forget to include a “Thank you” or an expression of gratitude if appropriate.

In summary, concluding a professional SMS effectively relies on clarity, personalization, and conciseness. By avoiding common mistakes and applying these tips, you will improve your conclusions of text messages and strengthen your professional relationships.