If you are here, it’s probably because you have searched TestingHouse on Google. Am I right? So if you are searching for an SMS Online service, stay here!

TeStingHouse or TeXtingHouse ? Two possibilities:

  • First: you are really searching for us and just misspelled our name : yes we are TeXtingHouse with a X not TeStingHouse with a S.
  • Second: you are really searching for testing house and, sorry guys, but it’s not us. Your best option is to go back to Google and click on another one ! … in the meantime if one day you are searching for an online SMS service solution do not hesitate to come back here ! You will always be welcome!

Purpose of this blog about testing house

To be clear, the purpose of this blog, is just to provide an answer for those, like you, that have misspelled our name and are trying to find us on the web to send their SMS campaigns through our online SMS service called TextingHouse!!
If this is your case then you are at the good place and probably want to go back to our home page here.


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