Send a professional SMS… Many things to do… Start your first campaign, a real sinecure ! You have already chosen your means of communication and are ready to click “SEND” ? … Not so fast… Are you sure you have planned everything ? Let us give you a small hand with this quick SMS campaign guide. This article is like a Checklist, “Send a professional SMS”, go over your campaign with a fine-tooth comb.

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Send a professional SMS : The recipient should instantly identify the sender. 

For this, you have 2 options :

  • The sender ID : The recipient receives a message with your company name in place of the phone number,
  • the SMS heading : The recipient receives a SMS from a classic phone number, but the message starts with your company name.

Send a professional SMS : Message customization.

  • Integrate the name or surname of your client directly in the text of your message
  • Mention the history of your customer, like for example :
    • Last purchase
    • Last visit

Send a professional SMS : Arouse interest.

  • Use eye-catching headline, say the main information straight at the beginning of the message
  • Make a strong commercial offer
  • Bet on sales exclusivity :

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“on showing this sms

  • Do not forget to include your event deadline.

Add a link to a web page detailing the discount or the rules of the contest or any other related information.

  • Use a short url generator.
  • (if you do not know any, here is one :


Send a professional SMS : You must enable your recipient to unsubscribe if they want to.

In SMS language, it is called the STOP management (country dependent)

You must give your contacts the possibility to unsubscribe from your mailing list, it is a mandatory notice for every commercial message.

  • Include at the end of your text “send STOP at XXX”
  • “XXX” being either a phone number, a web page or an e-mail address.


Send your message at the right time !

  • Use the “scheduled SMS” feature on your SMS platform.
  • Program your messages to be sent between 8am and 8pm while avoiding Sundays and public holidays.
  • Try to focus on sending texts after 11am and after 6pm on working days.
  • Do not send your messages too early : Send them 1 or 2 days before your event or promotion start.

Follow the progress of your campaign

  • Check the delivery of your messages in the follow up tab of your platform
    • Which contacts have well received your message ?
    • How many messages are not delivered yet ?
    • How many sendings have not been successful ?

Improve and enhance your client data base

  • Set up attractive contests and sales demonstrations to draw new contacts and potential customers on your social networks and web pages
  • Regularly Clean up your data base
    • Opt-out requests
    • Duplication of contacts
    • Invalid and obsolete numbers.
  • Directly ask your customers what problem they have encountered to show them your esteem and respect. This will help retaining your clients.
  • Calculate : 
    • the opening rate : number of openings divided by number of sendings
    • the return on investment of your SMS campaign : What is the transformation rate ? How many contacts have turned out to be real clients after and thanks to this message ?

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