Depending on where you live, May, December, July are synonymous with a long series of public holidays

Many consumers wonder about the opening hours of various establishments during these times!


The SMS: An effective and rapid communication method


Indeed, Shopkeepers, craftsmen, restaurateurs, … effectively communicating on this subject can set you apart from your competitors and improve your customer relations.

Moreover, providing information about your opening hours during public holidays allows your customers to plan their purchases, save time, and optimize their travels.

For professionals, it’s an opportunity to demonstrate your dynamism and the interest you have in your customers, and potentially offer them a dedicated offer… but it requires great responsiveness, and that’s where multiple SMS sending comes into play!


SMS Sending During Public Holidays: What Does the Law Say?


Sending marketing SMS messages in France during public holidays is regulated.

The LCEN (Law for Confidence in the Digital Economy) of 21/06/2004 stipulates that sending marketing SMS campaigns during public holidays is prohibited, as well as on Sundays.

However, messages of an informative nature can be sent without adhering to these rules (Alerts, appointment confirmations, etc.).

So, make sure to schedule your SMS Marketing sends a few days before the said date!

 In this regard, our solution allows you to schedule the sending of your SMS at the day and time of your choice… along with many other useful and practical features!

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“Dear customers,
We are open on all public holidays in May at our usual hours,
 from 10 am to 6 pm. Have a great day & see you soon.”


“Good news! Your favorite store is even open on public holidays! The perfect opportunity to discover the latest innovations 😉”



“Even during public holidays, we are open! And with the code MAY, you can enjoy an additional 20% off. See you soon!”

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