Integrating PRO SMS sending into a CRM system can bring numerous advantages for businesses. SMS communication offers a fast and effective means of reaching customers, prospects, and employees. On the other hand, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) enables businesses to delve deeper into customer knowledge.

Achieve more sales through CRM data

The primary goal of any business is to increase sales, whether of products or services. Previously, companies leaned towards transactional marketing, focusing solely on the purchase/sale process. However, today’s approach embraces a more advanced concept known as relationship marketing. This approach not only aims for customer acquisition but also prioritizes customer loyalty and long-term business sustainability beyond a single transaction. In the long run, relationship marketing proves to be more effective, as it drives continuous sales over an extended period. By connecting your CRM to a PRO SMS platform, you can amplify your sales efforts. Send personalized SMS to customers based on their demographics (age, gender, location) and purchasing behavior (recency, frequency, and amount of their last purchase).

Accompany the customer during the buying process

Another advantage of integrating PRO SMS into your CRM is the ability to accompany the customer throughout the buying process. Before making a purchase from your company, customers need to be aware of the product’s existence, how to purchase it, and its price. To address this, you can send “rich SMS” (enriched SMS) to your prospects, introducing your products with a link directly to a sales page on your website. Moreover, you can encourage customers to visit your physical store through various SMS methods, such as :

  • sending promotions,
  • announcing private sales,
  • informing about a new store location,
  • sending discount vouchers,

Maintain a good customer relationship

To maintain a positive customer relationship, promptly responding to their requests, especially complaints, is crucial. On average, a satisfied customer shares their experience with three others, but an unsatisfied one shares their negative experience with nine others! In the case of a complaint, PRO SMS offers a quick way to show that you have acknowledged and addressed the concerns of dissatisfied customers. Additionally, using an integrated system like CRM allows you to keep a comprehensive customer follow-up by recording all interactions with them. This helps you better understand their needs and deliver personalized responses.

Enhance team efficiency

PRO SMS also contributes to better internal organization for your company by:

  • Automating tasks: Integrated systems enable businesses to automate tasks like registration confirmations, appointment reminders, and notifications. This saves time and improves team efficiency.
  • Real-time access to data: Integrating SMS sending with CRM provides teams with real-time data on customer interactions. This aids in faster decision-making and problem resolution.

How to integrate PRO SMS into your CRM?

To integrate PRO SMS into your CRM, you need to use an API provided by the PRO SMS platform.

5 Key Steps to Integrate PRO SMS Sending into Your CRM:

  1. Choose your PRO SMS platform: Select a suitable PRO SMS provider based on functionality, costs, and customer support.
  2. Configure the API: Set up the API to allow your CRM to communicate with the PRO SMS platform. At TextingHouse, we offer an easy-to-connect API, and our team is ready to assist you. Our platform is also a partner of Hubspot and Zapier.
  3. Set up your workflows: Define scenarios that automate tasks like appointment reminders, registration confirmations, etc., aligning them with your business needs and communication strategy.
  4. Test and improve: After implementing workflows, test the integration to ensure smooth functioning.
  5. Train your team: Ensure your team is trained in using the SMS sending integration with the CRM to maximize its benefits.

In conclusion, there are several advantages to integrating PRO SMS sending into your CRM. To make the most of all functionalities, carefully choose the right PRO SMS platform. We invite you to try ours now with 10 free SMS! Try TextingHouse Platform[/button]